Ayegardening are approved installers for Namgrass artificial grass. We have confidence that Namgrass manufacture the highest quality artificial grass. One of the reasons for this is the Tuftlock system and grass fibres (yarns) of only the highest quality. There is a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee with all products. We can offer artificial grass installations from £65+VAT per square metre.

What is artificial grass?

Also known as fake grass, artificial grass is a surface made out of synthetic fibres to look like natural grass. It is commonly used in football pitches and known as Astroturf™ Since the 1990's, artificial turf has been used in domestic landscaping as a way of having the green look of grass without the need of cutting or watering. It is also used in commercial applications where low maintenance and mud free areas are required.

Artificial grass and puppy

What are the benefits of artificial grass?

It can be used in areas where natural grass would not survive. It is hard-wearing and can withstand more foot traffic that natural grass. Artificial grass does not require cutting or watering- it will need periodic sweeping or hoovering. Ideal for areas around swimming pools, play areas, low maintenance gardens and roof gardens.

How much does artificial grass cost?

In order to find out how much your installation will cost we will need to know how many square metres you will need to cover. As a guide the artificial grass ranges in price from £20-£35+VAT per sqm. The installation and base works will cost from £45+VAT. So a good starting point to base your budgeting on is £65+VAT - £80+VAT per square metre.

How can you look after your artificial grass lawn?

One of the main reasons why more and more people are switching to an artificial lawn compared to a real one is because of the fact that these are low-maintenance: you don’t need to trim, water, or fertilize these in order to make sure that these look good. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to make sure that your artificial lawn is always in tip-top shape. To find out more about how to look after your artificial grass lawn please follow our guide on this link. Artificial grass aftercare